Hi all, so as many of you know we started out this morning at 2:30 am through the Khumbu Ice Fall - you go early because that is when it is safest and supposedly most stable. There had been several avalanches around basecamp for the last 24 hours, and unfortunately as we made our way up, we saw an avalanche above us and it took out the route through the icefall.

Fortunately no one was injured and we are all back in basecamp waiting to find out how long it will take the ice fall doctors to fix the route. It sounds like a couple of ladders were taken out. I will try to get more info to you as we get it. Two days ago, there was also a collapse of part of the route at the base of the lhotse face.... so now everyone is waiting.... and the mountain will be busy up high once the route is repaired. No one has been up to camp 3 yet so it's gonna be interesting.

Take care!